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Program Overview

MESA logoMathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) offers academic and professional support services to qualifying students who intend to transfer to four-year universities in pursuit of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors.

MESA aims to diversify the STEM workforce and prepare a new generation of STEM leaders by addressing the challenges historically underrepresented students face in their educational and career development.

MESA ensures educational excellence and equity through a partnership of higher education, school districts, industry and business, government, community organizations, families and alumni.


MESA Resources & Benefits

MESA offers a friendly and comfortable space where students gather to study and engage in STEM. Members of MESA receive a unique combination of enrichment activities, academic support, industry involvement and an encouraging community environment.

MESA students have access to a dedicated student center (located in Eller-Fox 3016), available Monday-Friday, where they can gather to study, meet with tutors, make new friends and engage in science. At the MESA center, students have access to computers, whiteboards, a refrigerator and microwave, and copies of the latest STEM textbooks. MESA students will also find noteworthy science news and internship opportunities posted at the center.