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Career Assessment and Planning



Options for Career Exploration

If this describes YOU... Then... 

Try this!          

I need a lot of time to explore and decide on a career.

Register for SDS 106- Career and Life Planning.
This quarter-long, 3- credit class is an in-depth 
exploration of career options that best fit with your
personality, interests, abilities, and values.

I need some time to explore and decide on a career.

Sign up for the ACE Workshop at Skill Source.
This free workshop meets 4 days in a row, 4 hours 
per day. Assess your interests and aptitudes, 
personality traits and abilities, and see how they
factor in to job success. Develop a plan to achieve
your career goals and learn about potential funding
sources through Skill Source.
Call (509) 663-3091 to sign up.

I think I know what I want, but I need someone to
walk me through the resources and tools. 

**Unavailable at this time due to campus closure**

Attend the Undecided workshop- Career Center
A 3- hour workshop to take career interest and 
personality assessments and learn about career
research tools. 

I think I know what I want. Show me the resources
and tools.

Check out the career tools for resources you can
use on your own. Take assessments and research
careers and schools. 



Other considerations:

  • Is training available at WVC for my area of interest, or will I need to transfer?

  • Are jobs in my area of interest in demand in Washington State?

  • Where can I get the training and education I need to reach my goal?