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Psychoeducational assessment resources

Local Healthcare Providers

Updated 12/13/2022. The following information is meant to guide students and their families in the process of seeking a psychoeducation evaluation in the Wenatchee and Omak areas. Process varies and medical providers can change their processes at any time. Please call the clinics below to ensure that you have up-to-date information.  

Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH) 
600 Orondo Ave 
Wenatchee WA 98801 
Phone: 509-662-6000 

Confluence Health (East Wenatchee Clinic)                  
100 Highline Dr 
East Wenatchee, WA 98802    
Phone: 509-884-0614 

Confluence Health (OmakClinic)                  
916 Koala Drive 
Omak, WA 98841   
Phone: 509-826-1800

*based on the information provided to us, Confluence Health Omak Clinic does not administer psychoeducational assessments. However, they may be able to refer an individual to a psychologist at another Confluence Health clinic, such as the East Wenatchee clinic. 

How to begin the process

Individuals seeking psychoeducational testing for learning disorders at Confluence Health or Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH) will need a referral from an established primary care provider (PCP) at one of these clinics. Please schedule an appointment with the primary care provider to discuss your concerns regarding your academic and learning challenges. Following this appointment, both CVCH and Confluence Health will assist the individual with scheduling an appointment within their respective Behavior Health departments. 

Time commitment  

Completing the process, from scheduling the appointment with your primary care provider to receiving the results of your evaluation, will take at least several months.  
For instance, at CVCH if a patient has a primary care physician already established within the CVCH system they’re generally able to obtain an appointment within three weeks. Once that appointment occurs, they will then be referred to a psychologist, but those ‘pre-testing appointments’ may be ‘months out’. 
Initial appointment and final test results review appointments generally last 45 to 60 minutes. Testing appointments may last up to 4 hours, depending on the requirements of the particular assessments. 

Cost and insurance coverage

Often, insurance companies (including state insurance) may cover the costs associated with testing. To find out about your specific coverage, please contact your insurance company. The cost of psychoeducational testing without any insurance support could be approximately $1,500 to $3,000.  

WVC Students Concurrently Enrolled in a School District (Running Start) 

If a WVC student is concurrently enrolled in any school district in Washington state, such as running start students, they may request to be evaluated by their school’s psychologist. To initiate the process, the student or their parent can approach a high school counselor or a school psychologist to discuss concerns regarding student's academic and learning challenges.  

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Wenatchee office 
805 S Mission St
Wenatchee WA 98801 
Primary Phone: (509) 665-5375
Alternate Phone: (877) 688-1007                 

Omak office
126 Main St S
Omak, WA 98841
Primary Phone: (509) 826-7568
Alternate Phone: (800) 887-8057                 

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (DVR) goal is to help individuals to obtain and maintain employment. In that process, DVR may administer evaluations, such as psychological, neuropsychological, and psychiatric assessments. DVR evaluations help identify barriers to employment which may also be relevant to their education at Wenatchee Valley College.  

The eligibility process is foundational and takes up to 60 days to complete.  After eligibility we focus on vocational assessment, which on average takes 90 days to complete. The vocational assessment process focuses on identifying a suitable vocational goal.  Each process is unique to each customer.  

High school students with disabilities are encouraged to apply during their last year of high school or an 18 – 21 transition program.  College students may want to apply as soon as possible. 

Psychoeducational Testing in Washington State

Updated 12/13/2022. In case it is more convenient for you to receive an evaluation outside of Wenatchee area, WVC Student Access Services compiled a list of few psychologists in Washington state to give you an idea of types of professionals you might want to seek out. Our list is not exhaustive, and we do not have established partnerships with these psychologists. Please, feel free to work with any professionals who meet your needs. 

Dr. Julirae Gunter Castleton, Psychologist, PsyD   
Phoenix Counseling Services 
821 W Broadway Suite 101 
Moses Lake, WA 98837 
(509) 769-3172     

Valley Psychological Services 
2109 West Dolarway Road 
Ellensburg, WA 98926 
Call Carolyn Stern   
(509) 402-1395 

Dr. Scott A. Whitmer, Psychologist, PsyD 
205 N 40th Avenue 
Suite 203 
Yakima, WA 98908 
(509) 307-3473 

Dr. Jessica L Long, Psychologist, PsyD            
6917 W Grandridge Blvd 
Suite D 
Kennewick, WA 99336 
(509) 774-3880    

MasterMind Psychology 
101 West Cataldo Avenue Suite 210 
Spokane, WA 99201 
Call Angela Hille 
(509) 269-8232 

Dr. Prama Chakravarti, PhD 
1740 NW Maple St 
STE 210 
Issaquah, WA 98027 
(425) 448-4582 


Download Psychoeducational Assessment for Learning Disabilities word document