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WVC Foundation At A Glance


The Wenatchee Valley College Foundation envisions an educated, inclusive, prosperous, and healthy community.  


The Wenatchee Valley College Foundation provides equitable access to education and invests in student success through philanthropy. 

  1. Remove academic barriers.
  2. Strengthen environments of learning.
  3. Encourage investment in an educated community.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the foundation provided over $1,115,000 in funding to support WVC. This includes:

  • $620,176 in scholarships.
  • $50,616 in direct student support, including support for ASWVC, DREAMers, and emergency assistance.
  • $69,124 to support faculty and staff professional development and awards. 
  • $326,422 in programmatic support designated for specific departments.
  • $30,000 as an unrestricted gift to the college to fund new technology, faculty and staff training, building maintenance and any other miscellaneous expenses associated with the overall advancement of WVC. 
  • $19,000 in support to Athletics.

When you make a gift to the WVC Annual Fund, the college's most urgent needs are identified and funds are allocated appropriately. You may also choose to designate your gift specifically for scholarships.

 Give Now 

In order to ensure operational stability and help defray administrative costs, a fee of 5% will be assessed on all designated and non-endowed gifts made to the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation effective July 1, 2015.

To learn more about other ways of giving, such as stocks, bequests, or trusts, click here. 

To see regular updates about how your gift makes a difference, we encourage you to "like" the WVC Foundation Facebook page and subscribe to the Knight Vision e-newsletter.

You can also read our latest Scholarship Celebration booklet, student testimonials on our YouTube channel, and details of our support in our latest news releases. 

We periodically publish spotlights of students, faculty, and staff. See their stories here. 

Yes! Rachel Evey, executive director, is happy to take you on a tour of campus. To schedule a tour, email

Yes, the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation was incorporated in 1973 and is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation organized under Washington law. Tax ID 23-7319272.

Through the fee, you will not just be giving students money. You will maximize your philanthropic contribution. To elaborate, the fee means the foundation is able to accomplish the following.  

  • Advertising scholarship opportunities to current and potential students 
  • Outreach in local high schools and nonprofits
  • Online scholarship application software
  • Scholarship funding is available on a quarterly basis (as opposed to only an annual basis)
  • Staff time to...
    • Coordinate volunteers for scholarship evaluation or outreach events
    • Award scholarships based on donor criteria
    • Coordinate with WVC financial aid to confirm students' financial need
    • Re-award scholarships to designated alternates if the original recipient becomes ineligible
    • Regularly check students’ academic standing throughout the year
    • Assist college departments with fundraising campaigns
  • Provide emergency assistance as needed so students stay enrolled (in the past we have helped with a stolen laptop, emergency housing after an apartment fire, and funeral costs for a family member)

The administrative fee is a further investment in their success and a greater return on your generosity. These services, to donors and to students, are what make an impactful programs.