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Spotlight: Lynn Mutschler

Lynn Mutschler spotlight

After nearly 40 years as a nurse, Lynn Mutschler is back in school for nursing at Wenatchee Valley College. She received her associate in nursing from Tacoma Community College and is now pursuing a Bachelor in Nursing degree from WVC.

“I feel like my education is being filled in and I am getting the last bit that I never got before. A lot of it has to do with philosophy of nursing, writing and presenting to groups of people,” Lynn said. “My long term goal is to get a master’s degree in global health. I am hoping to work even in retirement at some level in community health while keeping my license and doing projects as long as I can.”

Lynn has worked in many areas of healthcare during her career as a nurse.

“I’ve worked at various hospitals mostly in acute care and cardiology and I worked in the ICU for about 12 years,” she said. “Now I do resource, which means I work all the areas in the hospital – I go where I am needed and I do what is needed right here at Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.”

Lynn said she knew from young age that she would be a nurse, and she continues to feel passionate about following that career path.

“I began having dreams (in the night) as a young adult about nursing. I was called to be a nurse and I am having a similar call again,” she said. “I feel quite driven now. I have a burning desire to do it and that’s what’s keeping me going. It’s not really that easy, but it is worth it.”

Lynn spends her free time writing poetry and hiking the hills around the Wenatchee Valley.