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Spotlight- Eliza Zuniga

Eliza ZunigaEliza Zuniga attended Wenatchee Valley College 2010-2012.   She is currently a Career Pathways Coordinator at Confluence Health.  

Why did you choose WVC?

I choose WVC because I wanted to save money and stay close to home due to finances. Coming from a low-income family and being a first-generation Latina attending college was hard at the time due to income and financially inability for my family to help fund college yet alone a university at that time. By staying close to home, I could work full-time, save-money, and attend an affordable community college for when I was ready to attend an undergraduate program. Attending WVC was one of the best decisions I made. It allowed me to build close relationships with professors, CAMP, and many students. Its connections built through my 2-years at WVC helped me pursue higher education.

What is your fondest memory of your time at WVC?

My fondest memory at WVC was hanging out at the CAMP office and building close relationships and long-term friends. Along with maintaining positive relationships with former CAMP coordinators throughout the years.

What are you doing now (i.e.  career, community boards, etc)?
I currently work as a Career Pathway Coordinator at Confluence Health helping internal staff seek career growth opportunities within our organization through on-the-job training or academic advising for return to school at our local community college and beyond.
I work with local high schools, community colleges, technical schools, and community organizations to help inform our students and community members on what Confluence Health has to offer and what a great organization it is to work in. Confluence Health has provided me with excellent growth opportunities throughout the last 8 years of employment and want to continue to help our community members and employees seek the same support and opportunities I have had the opportunity to take advantage of.

I serve in several high school advisory committees and collaborate with multiple organizations on areas we can partner together to grow our local community members in clinical fields and other non-clinical fields of choice.

How did WVC prepare you for the future?

WVC prepared me in giving me the tools and resources to excel and prepare for an undergraduate degree through academic advising, university visits across Washington state, and provided a foundation into multiple career possibilities not only locally but as a-whole.

Any advice for current WVC students?
My advice for WVC students would be to an active member of the college and take advantage of all events, university trips, and public speakers. You never know when you will connect with the correct organization, build future connections, and/or find your next career of choice. I would also recommend asking lots of questions not only to your professors, but also college counselors and coordinators when it comes to college assistance, pursuing higher education, or even setting up job-shadows/connections with organizations that may be looking to hire.