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Light Estrada Gonzalez

Light Estrada GonzalezLight Estrada Gonzalez attended Wenatchee Valley College and graduated with an associates degree in 2019.  Light currently works at WVC as the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator on the Wenatchee Campus. 

Why did you choose WVC and when did you graduate?
I choose WVC for the smaller class size, being able to save money while getting my associates degree, and the ability to stay in my hometown while getting a higher education degree. I graduated Spring quarter 2019.

What is your fondest memory of your time at WVC?

My fondest memory at WVC was Queer Prom! This event occurred in Spring 2019. There were so many people in attendance folks from Chelan, Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Leavenworth, and surrounding areas. Being able to provide so many canned goods for the knights kupboard was such a rewarding way to give back to WVC students. Finally, creating a space that was safe, affirming, and accepting for the LGBTQ+ community in our valley – many of which couldn’t attend prom as their authentic selves – was so gratifying.

What are you doing now (i.e.  career, community boards, etc)?

I am the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Wenatchee Valley College. At this moment, I am centering my healing, and taking time and space for that. Enjoying the little things, seeing beauty in life, and learning everyday how to show up for myself.  Aside from that, I am a dog-mom to two gorgeous doggies!

How did WVC prepare you for the future?
Being part of ASWVC and student clubs gave me so many skills, such as event planning, understanding the process of paperwork, creating amazing networks, and cultivating lifelong friendships.   Light was featured in a student spotlight in 2019.   Read all about her journey as a student at  Luz Estrada Student Spotlight.

Any advice for current WVC students?
Get involved on campus, this can be student clubs, ASWVC, volunteering, etc. by getting involved you will build lifelong skills, cultivate amazing friendships, and create community. Don’t forget to rest! It is okay to do things that you enjoy that aren’t “productive” or make you money. Advocate for yourself, your voice, experiences, and knowledge are important.