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Spotlight- Jessi Mendoza

Jessi MendozaJessi Mendoza attended Wenatchee Valley College and graduated with a Business Transfer Degree in 2009.    He is currently a Business Banking Relationship Officer III at Numerica Credit Union.

Why did you choose WVC?
I decided on WVC because I wanted to save money and stay close to home while I worked to pay for my education. I was determined to avoid taking on debt, so I decided to obtain a business transfer degree before attending the Washington State University Business School. I succeeded and graduated with my business degree from WSU with $0 in student loan debt.

What is your fondest memory of your time at WVC?

My fondest memory at WVC is hanging out at the student center and seeing many familiar faces all pursuing a higher education as well. I was able to reconnect with old friends and make many new ones! I really appreciate the excellent education that I received from Mike Choman and Jennifer Korfiatis. I had the opportunity to build great relationships with these professors and with other colleague in my time at WVC.

What are you doing now (i.e.  career, community boards, etc.)?
I currently work as a Business Banker at Numerica Credit Union helping small business owners with financing their business needs. I am Vice President of Consumer Jungle, a nonprofit board focusing on financial education in our schools. I am also an Ambassador with the Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce as well as an active Rotarian with Wenatchee Rotary.

How did WVC prepare you for the future?
WVC prepared me in giving me the tools and resources that I would need to excel at a four-year university and in my career. Professors like Mike and Jennifer provided some foundational knowledge, counseling, and leadership in my educational and professional path. I have maintained communication with these two and they have always been happy to help.

Any advice for current WVC students?
My advice would be as active as possible and to build relationships with your professors and colleagues. You never know what opportunity may come up down the road. I would recommend asking questions to potential mentors and seek opportunities to get involved with the specific groups or industry that you want to work at. Seek out leaders or experienced individuals who work in the industry you are interested in and ask to meet with them. You have no idea how many people are happy to meet with a young ambitious individual willing to be proactive in educating themselves and setting themselves up for success. Ask them for advice and most of all, take ACTION!