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College in the High School Students


  • Enhances ability and skills to do college level work and gain confidence for college success.
  • Saves money by receiving free/reduced tuition college credit and reducing the amount of time after high school to complete a college degree.
  • WVC credits are transferable to all college/universities within the state and many other institutions outside of the state.
  • Students entering the military may earn a higher rank with earned college credit.
  • Provides access to WVC student support services such as MyWVC 2.0,  use of WVC library and tutoring services.
  • Research shows CHS students are more likely to finish college and earn more credits by the second year of college.

High School & WVC

  • Brings WVC and high school administrators and faculty together to develop curriculum, share instructional methods, ideas and experiences that ultimately benefit students.
  • Coordinated curriculum reduces redundancy of courses between high school and college and increases rigor of classes.
  • Meets the goals of new achievement initiatives for students to earn college credit before graduation.
  • High school students who earn credit are more likely to finish college on time which helps meet requirements of completion agenda.
  • Research shows high school graduation rates increase when students are involved in CTE and/or CHS.

Students wishing to enroll in a CHS course at their high school must first qualify for the program.  In accordance with Washington state rules governing College in the High School, students in grades 9-12 are eligible for WVC CHS courses.   They must meet WVC requirements for placement into college-level coursework (see rubric below).

Due to COVID-19 other alternatives for students to qualify have been added:

*High school cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher

*PSAT reading (500 or higher)





5 or higher

ENGL 101 (all college-level coursework except math OR courses with additional prerequisites)

Smarter Balanced Assessment:  ELA (English Literacy Assessment)

Level 3 or higher

ENGL 101 (all college-level coursework except math OR courses with additional prerequisites)

Smarter Balanced Assessment:  Mathematics

Level 3

MATH 107, 140, 146, 171, 200, PHIL 120

MATH 141 contingent on a B or higher in Math Bridge to College course.

Smarter Balanced Assessment: Mathematics

Level  4

MATH 107, 140, 141, 142, 146, 148, 151, 171, 200, PHIL 120

ACT English

20 or higher

ENGL 101 (all college-level coursework except math OR courses with additional prerequisites)

ACT Reading

21 or higher

ENGL 101 (all college-level coursework except math OR courses with additional prerequisites)

SAT Reading

500 or Higher

ENGL 101 (all college-level coursework except math OR courses with additional prerequisites)

SAT Mathematics


MATH 107, 140, 146, 171, 200, PHIL 120

SAT Mathematics

650 or higher

MATH 107, 140, 141, 142, 146, 148, 151, 171, 200, PHIL 120

High School Transcript Placement-Algebra 2

C or higher

MATH 107, 140, 146, 171, 200, PHIL 120

B or higher

MATH 107, 140, 141, 146, 171, 200, PHIL 120

High School Transcript Placement-Precalculus

C or higher

MATH 107, 140, 141, 146, 171, 200, PHIL 120

B or higher

MATH 142, 148, or lower

High School Transcript Placement-Precalculus w/Trigonometry

B or higher

MATH 151 or lower



AP Calculus AB


MATH 152 or lower

AP Calculus BC


MATH 153 or lower



Scores/transcripts are submitted to the Director of Concurrent Enrollment at Wenatchee Valley College by the high school teacher or high school administrator, who ensures student has qualified to enroll in the CHS course.  If the course has additional prerequisites outside of the placement rubric, student must provide documentation of meeting the requirement to the Director of Concurrent Enrollment.  Qualifying students must enroll in the CHS course on their high school campus in order to receive college credit.  The Director of Concurrent Enrollment will then work with high school administrator and qualified students to complete the WVC registration process. Registration is completed on paper and submitted to WVC for processing to ensure that CHS students are enrolled in the specified sections for their high school.  Students must then pay tuition by the 20th day of class (unless it is paid by school district), in order to avoid being withdrawn from the course.

All CHS courses are $35 per credit hour. This is deeply discounted from the usual $110 per credit hour. Tuition for one course is $175, and is assessed a $30 administrative fee.  Total cost for one course is $205. Tuition is due no later than the 20th day of class.

Methods of Payment:

OVER THE PHONE:  Call the Cashier’s Office at 509.682.6500.  Have your Student Identification Number and credit or debit card ready.

IN PERSON:  You can also make your payment in person, especially if you prefer to pay with cash or check.  The Cashier’s office is located on the first floor of Wenatchi Hall, next to Registration or the Administration Building in Omak.

*Some school districts have state subsidies that can be applied to the cost of CHS courses. Be sure to check with your high school regarding whether or not they have been awarded this funding before you pay your tuition.

Click here to activate your account

1.) You will first need to activate your ctcLink account and create a password. You must have your WVC/ctcLink student identification number handy. If you have misplaced it, you can ask your high school teacher for your SID.

2.) Click on the Activate ctcLink icon (example below):


Your username is your WVC/ctcLink student identification number. The password will be the one you created after selecting the 3 Security Questions when you were activating your account.

You will be taken to this screen below:


Once you have activated your account, click on the ctcLink Login icon to view your account (example below):


From this page you can access your Canvas, your schedule, pay tuition/fees, print unofficial transcripts, access the library and its resources, and much more!

 CHS students have the right to withdraw from their courses if they choose.  Withdrawal can take place up until the 10th week of the high school term in which the CHS course is being offered.  Students must first notify their CHS instructor that they wish to withdraw.  Next they need to immediately notify the CHS Director.  Finally, the student will need to complete the the Course Change form found at this link (or in the CHS Student Handbook) and return it to the CHS Director as soon as possible. Any withdrawal forms received after the published last date to withdraw on the CHS Academic Calendar, will not be processed and the student will remain in the course. 

Tuition refunds will be allocated as follows:

Withdrawal on or before the fifth business day following the date of registration for CHS course=100% refund

Withdrawal after the fifth day and through the 20th business day following date of registration=50% refund

As a College in the High School student, you have access to the following WVC services:

Career Center -The career center provides a broad range of information and assistance for job seekers, including career planning, job listings, resume writing, occupational training, and career assessments. Wenatchi Hall, First Floor 509.682.6830.

Cashier's Office- The cashier's office handles tuition and fee payments and also sells parking permits. Wenatchee Hall, First Floor 509.682.6500.

Counseling Dept.- Student Services offers academic counseling, readmission petitions, career counseling, and personal counseling. Wenatchi Hall, First Floor 509.682.6850.

eTutoring- All currently enrolled WVC students are eligible to use the FREE online tutoring service offered by a group of colleges in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Online resource at .

Library- The library hols physical and electronic collections, media, study room, Xerox machine, and student-use computers. John A. Brown Library Wenatchee Campus 509.682.6860, Omak Campus 509.422.7830.

MathLab- A place where students can seek help and work with WVC Math Faculty. It also offers a quiet space for students to do their math homework. Wenatchi Hall, 2nd floor.

Student Access Office- is the primary office to guide, coach, and assist students with disabilities. It provides accommodations and information on benefits, rights and privileges of college services, programs, and activities. Wenatchi Hall, First Floor 509.682.6854.

Teaching and Learning Center- The TLC maintains the distance learning programs, which includes supporting Canvas, test proctoring, Panopto, Turnitin and e-tutoring. John A. Brown Library 509.682.6718.

Technology Helpdesk- The Helpdesk is student's first point of contact for technology related questions. Wenatchee campus 509.682.6550.

WriteLab- The Write Lab provides tutoring services for writing you have been assigned by your WVC instructors (no matter the class). Also, you can receive help with college application letters or scholarship applications like the WVC Foundation’s general application. Tutors can help you plan your writing, cite your writing, and/or help you revise your writing before you submit your final draft. Whatever questions you have about your writing, ask them. They will help. Wenatchee Campus Mish ee twie (MET) room 1135, 509.682.6797. Omak Campus, (509) 422-7840.