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College in the High School FAQ

College in the High School through WVC is an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while still in high school.  Students who complete articulated courses taught at their high school by qualified high school faculty providing the same rigor and content as an on-campus college class are eligible to receive WVC credit.. 

Students can earn WVC credit in:

  • University transfer courses that count toward a bachelor’s degree in subject areas such as Literature, Composition, Math, Science, History, Psychology, and more.
  • Career & Technical Education courses which lead to an associate degree or certificate in one of our many career-focused degrees.
  • Enhances ability and skills to do college level work and gain confidence for college success.
  • Saves money by receiving free/reduced tuition college credit and reducing the amount of time after high school to complete a college degree.
  • WVC credits are transferable to all college/universities within the state and many other institutions outside of the state.
  • Students entering the military may earn a higher rank with earned college credit.
  • Provides access to WVC student support services such as WVCportal, ID cards, use of WVC library and tutoring services.
  • Research shows CHS students are more likely to finish college and earn more credits by the second year of college.

Click here and go to "How to Qualify" tab.


Check with your high school counselor. 
Many school districts qualify for state funding to help cover the cost for CHS courses.  However, if your district does not have access to these funds, you will be subject to paying a deeply discounted tuition charge.  All CHS courses are $35 per credit hour. This is deeply discounted from the usual $109 per credit hour. Tuition for one course is $175, and is assessed a $5 administrative fee. Total cost for one course is $180. 

Contact CHS Office

Maria Christina Monroe. Phone: (509) 682-6848. E-mail: