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Transitional Studies Student Success Center

Students in the WVC Student Success CenterThe WVC Student Success Center provides services for educational and personal needs to students taking adult basic education, English as a second language and high school equivalency courses. At the center, tutors and mentors help students with assignments, résumé writing, study tips, time management strategies and methods for relieving text anxiety. The staff can also direct students toward college and community resources.

The center includes homework tables, group conversation tables, and book and computer resources. It is staffed by high-quality tutors and mentors from the campus and the community.

Interested in becoming a tutor?

Tutors/mentors are expected to provide personal and educational support to students about one or two hours a week. Volunteer mentors will meet students during classes, or at group or individual tutoring sessions.

Some courses may allow tutoring as extra credit.

For more information, contact the Transitional Studies Program Office at 509.682.6790.