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Juse Music Project

The Juse Music Project CD cover image
The Wenatchee Valley College Music Department presented its first ever CD recorded, mixed and mastered in the new Music and Arts Center (MAC) at Sorom Studios. The CD includes eight original tunes written and arranged by students and faculty at WVC. The compilation is a delightful and eclectic collection of music inspired by friendship, love and even the meaning of life. Infused with influences as diverse as funk, jazz, klez'mer, pop, alternative and indie rock, the CD has left no one out of the loop, and our community's most promising and talented young artists have given it all.

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Listen Now!

 Up Til Now: A catchy pop song with jazz and klez'mer influences. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


Run: A high energy, synth-heavy pop/rock song in a 90's style. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


Find My Heart: A classic rock ballad with introspective lyrics and hauntingly beautiful melodies. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


Alex: A bawdy Irish "drown your sorrows" song with accordion, fiddle, flute and an introduction by one Wenatchee's most famous Irishmen. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


My Forever Girl: A retro, Beach Boys style rock song. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


It Don't Get Better Than This: A fun, easy going ukulele infused pop song. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


Honey Dew Blues: A 70's style funk and jazz fusion instrumental piece featuring an amazing drum solo. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


My Shoulder Devil: A song styled after Tom Waits featuring some of the valley's most amazing local musicians. Click here for the SoundCloud link.


About Juse Music

WVC Music Director Juel Iwaasa tasked the 2014-15 sophomore class of music majors to write, arrange and record songs with the intent of making WVC's first music CD. The music students also had to incorporate certain aspects of chromatic harmony into their songs. The process encompassed the entire academic year, with song composition in the fall, arrangement and recording in the winter, and final recording and mixing in the spring. All recording and mixing/mastering was completed in the WVC Music and Art Center recording studio.