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The WVC Music Department offers high quality,  hands on, college level music courses, taught in exceptional and innovative ways.

Whether you are looking for a two-year transfer degree in music, an amazing experience while you get your humanities credits, want to learn about music technology, or are looking for an ensemble or choir to be a part of, Wenatchee Valley College’s Music Department probably has what you need.

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The department offers a wide variety of credit classes, including:

choirThe WVC Chamber Singers is a premiere choir in North Central Washington.  Open to both music and non-music majors.  

A super-fun, hands on class that is probably different from any college course you have ever taken!  Instead of a textbook, students purchase and use a ukulele to master music theory and build music skills.  In Music 100 we learn to read music (as well as chords and scales) how to begin songwriting, and how to practice effectively. Prior music experience is always good (but never necessary)

Who should take Music 100? Students that want to learn how to read music and then go deeper into how use notes, chords and rhythm to build songs.  People who are interested in getting a good foundation in ukulele, or want to learn how to practice effectively.  A great primer for the perspective music major or music minor.  Fulfills 5 credits of Humanities in most DTA degrees.

The classic!  People looking for a traditional lecture class to fill their Humanities requirement need look no further.  Music Appreciation takes you through music history from the time of the Greeks to the beginning of the 20th century.  Ever wondered why Mozart was so great?  Or why Beethoven was so angry?  Or how to pronounce names like “Liszt, Chopin and Bach”?  Want to learn how to listen to classical and know what is going on?  Want to learn when to clap (and not clap) at the symphony?  This is the class for you. 

Music Appreciation has a unique format of 4 days face to face instruction with an expert teacher, and one day of online work that helps you solidify your understanding of what you learn in the face to face lectures. 

An intense one term course that gives you all the skills you need to  get around in Finale (professional music notation software) and Pro Tools (the industry standard

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 in recording and post production software), while learning the basic of acoustics, microphones and  signal processing! 

The Music and Art Center at WVC has a 12-workstation music tech  lab (so space is limited) and a professional recording studio with all    the software and equipment you need to learn the fundamental     how’s and why’s of sheet music production, and recording    techniques.  The course culminates in student defined final    (recording) projects.  Music 116 does all this and even counts as a Humanities distribution in most DTA degrees!

Music or audio background is always a plus (but not required).  Good study skills are a must though.  Students don’t buy a textbook, but will need good headphones, ¼ inch adapter and 8+ gigs of space on a USB thumb/flash drive.

Class piano is like taking a group piano lesson twice a week!  Expert pianist Ken Hunnicutt will guide you from beginning piano through to intermediate techniques. Class is held in the Music and Art Center Keyboard lab (10 workstations- so space is limited!) Daily out of class practice is expected so your piano skills can grow up nice and strong. (But don’t worry, every practice room in the Music and Art Center has a piano you can use.)  Also available in 200 level/size for the intermediate pianist.

Who should take Class Piano?  You! (and you, and you over there too!).  Class piano is a great option for anyone who wants to learn or improve his or her keyboard skills and get some Humanities credits. A super-affordable alternative to private lessons. Class Piano is a required course for non-keyboard music majors and minors.