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Required DES Procurement Training

Under the procurement reform law (RCW 39.26.110) effective July 1, 2013, the State of Washington requires all state employees whose jobs include procurement-related duties to fulfill certain training requirements.

Department of Enterprise Services (DES) has posted employee course requirements on their Contracts and Procurement web page. Please see the page below to determine the exact courses and timeframe that employees need to follow within your department/school.


Departments need to keep record of the trainings their staff have completed on file in case of audit. Trainings completed within the DES website’s LMS may utilize the LMS site to keep record of completed trainings.

Please follow these steps to gain access to the LMS:

  1. WVC’s appointed central training coordinator will be responsible for managing the enrollment process for existing and future employees. The required Department of Enterprise Services (DES) trainings should be included as part of the department’s new employee onboarding procedures and transition plan in the event of staff turnover.
  2. Dean and Directors of departments will notify of staff who need to complete any required DES training prior to making purchases.
  3. Human Resources will communicate with DES to enroll employees in the LMS site.
  4. Once enrolled, confirmation email will be received from LMS and then each employee can log into the LMS to begin training.
  5. For more details about the LMS and this training requirement, go to the State DES Training and Development website.

Required Department of Enterprise Services Procurement Training FAQs

  • Q: Since the training courses were developed by the State Department of Enterprise Services, what if we find a conflict between the policies and procedures stated within the course content and WVC policy and procedures?
  • A: The DES training courses cover general information regarding procurement procedures under the State Procurement Reform Law, but it also makes clear that:
    • Each person taking the training should always consult their own organization’s policies and procedures first on any subject matter.
    • The course only covers procurement procedures under the State of Washington laws and not any federal laws.