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"Use it or Lose it" Leave Reminders

Exempt Employees: 

Vacation/Annual Leave – August 31
Just a reminder the leave maximum month for exempt staff is August each year.  If your vacation leave balance exceeds 240 hours after August 31 you will lose anything above that.  For example if you have 260 hours on August 31 you will lose 20 hours and on September 1 your available balance will be 240.
Classified Employees:
Comp Time- June 30
Do you have comp time on the books?  If so, you will need to use it by June 30 or it will be cashed out.
The Collective Bargaining Agreement reads (in part):
Article 8.4    Compensatory Time for Overtime-Eligible Employees
D.   Compensatory Time Cash Out
1.   All compensatory time must be used by June 30th of each year.  If compensatory time balances are not scheduled to be used by the employee by April of each year, the supervisor will contact the employee to review his or her schedule.  The employee’s compensatory time balance will be cashed out every June 30.
Personal Leave- June 30
If you have a personal leave day remaining you must use it by June 30th or you will lose it.  Personal leave days are accrued once per fiscal year according to your current collective bargaining agreement and expire at the end of each fiscal year if not used.
Please check your Employee Earnings and Leave or call human resources at 682.6440 to check your current leave balances.