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ECE AAS-T Degree

ECE Associate in Applied Science-Transfer Program Guide**

The AAST Degree is a direct transfer degree into the WVC BAS-Teaching Program.

Required Courses:
Offered at Wenatchee and Omak campuses

Prerequisites: computer literacy skills and qualifying test assessment scores for placement in ENGL& 101 and MATH& 171 or higher.*

To be eligible for either of the associate degrees or the certificate, students must earn at least a "C" grade (2.0) in all ECE core courses and a cumulative 2.0 grade point average.

The WVC ECE program has an agreement with Eastern Washington University (EWU) to transfer the associate of applied science-transfer (AAS-T) degree directly into the EWU Bachelor of Arts in Children's Studies program. Students wishing to pursue this pathway should work closely with the program adviser, Hilary Martinez, who will help with course choices and the preparations for transfer. For more information, contact her at 509.682.6633. Information about the EWU program can be found at

First Year - Fall Quarter Credits
ECED& 105 Intro to Early Childhood Education 5
ECED& 120 Practicum: Nurturing Relationships 2
ECED& 107 Health, Safety and Nutrition 5
  Total Credits 12 
First Year - Winter Quarter  
ENGL& 101* Composition: General 5
EDUC& 115 Child Development 5
EDUC& 130 Guiding Behavior 3
   Total Credits 13 
First Year - Spring Quarter  
CMST& 220 Public Speaking 5
Natural Science Natural Science  (must be a lab course, see course catalog) 5
ECED& 190 Observation and Assessment 3
  Total Credits 13
First Year - Summer Quarter  
HIST 230 Plateau History (Diversity) 5
ECED& 180 Language and Literacy Development 3
ECED& 170 Environments 3
   Total Credits 11
  Second Year - Fall Quarter  
MATH& 171* Math for Elementary Educators I 5
ECED& 160 Curriculum Development 5
EDUC& 150 Child, Family and Community 3
   Total Credits 13 
 Second Year - Winter Quarter  
ECED 221 Visual and Performing Arts 5
MATH& 173 Math for Elementary Educators III 5



Humanities Course 5
  Total Credits 15
Second Year - Spring Quarter  
EDUC& 204 Exceptional Child 5
ECED 220 STEM and ECE 5
ECED 290 ECE Practicum/Capstone 4
  Total Credits 14
  Total Credits for Degree 91


*Placement score required.

**Associate in Applied Science Transfer Degree: the AAS-T is built upon the technical courses required for job preparation but also includes a college-level general education component, common in structure for all such degrees. The distinguishing characteristic of the AAS-T is a minimum of 20 credits of general education courses drawn from the same list as those taken by students completing the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree or the Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree (that is, the courses generally accepted in transfer). AAS-T courses are designed for the dual purpose of immediate employment and as preparation for the junior year in a bachelor's degree commonly described as the bachelor of applied science (BAS). The AAS-T degree generally will not be accepted in transfer in preparation for bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees, although the general education component of the degree will be accepted in transfer. (State Board for Community and Technical Colleges)