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Business Transfer

You can transfer as a business major to all Washington state schools by finishing the requirements for an associate of arts and sciences degree and taking specified business, economics and math courses. It is essential that you work with a business transfer adviser to ensure proper course sequencing.

Business administration, economics and accounting graduates can pursue careers in accounting, advertising, finance, management, marketing, retailing and other fields. Opportunities are available in the private sector or in government agencies. A bachelor's degree in this area is also good preparation for graduate school or for those wishing to become certified public accountants.


Students who complete the Business Transfer degree will be prepared to:

  • Transfer to a four-year university in Washington and enter the business program or related field with all preadmission requirements completed.
  • Continue studying business successfully at a four-year school with required knowledge, competence, and skills necessary to be successful.
  • Solve problems of basic business concepts in accounting, economics, math, and law.
  • Successfully read, write, and communicate using business language and terminology.